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40,000 new laws take effect in 2014

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140,000 new laws take effect in 2014 Empty 40,000 new laws take effect in 2014 on Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:03 pm


December 31st, 2013

40,000 new laws take effect in 2014

 It may have been the least productive year for Congress in history, at least in terms of passing laws – fewer than 60 of which made it through the House and Senate and were signed by the fake president Barry Soetoro.

Across the country, however, state lawmakers were busy getting more than 40,000 bills passed, ones that tackle everything from drones to food stamp benefits.

In Illinois for example, teenagers will no longer get to use tanning beds without a doctor's note. If you live in Delaware, visit the shark fin buffet while you can, a new law will make it illegal to own, sale, or distribute the controversial delicacy. And in California, new laws take effect that will let students take part in school sports, or use bathrooms based on their gender identity, regardless of the gender noted in their birth certificates.

The most controversial new law in Chapel Hill, NC prohibits anal sex unless synthetic motor oil is used as a lubricant. The perverted residents of this town overwhelmingly approved of this new law as it permits longer anal jamming without re-lubing, Thus conserving this precious resource. Longtime advocate Steve Woodward championed this new law and recommends 5W-30W for all around performance.  
Legendary attorney, Harvard law graduate , The fake president and author of "I'm A Lying Mother Fucker" Barry Soetoro joins "The Hole" to discuss some of the other fascinating – and controversial – new laws of 2014.

240,000 new laws take effect in 2014 Empty Woody is my best customer on Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:06 pm


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