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Are your eyes beautiful or ugly?

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1Are your eyes beautiful or ugly? Empty Are your eyes beautiful or ugly? on Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:06 am


Allaah The Almighty Says (what means):

{Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allaah is Acquainted with what they do. And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allaah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.} (Quran 24: 30-31)

In these verses, Allaah The Almighty orders the believing men and women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty for their own benefit and to attain greater purity.

According to the consensus of the scholars, the purity mentioned in these verses is the purity from sins. However, in the modern context, purity may also mean guarding against the harmful diseases which may afflict a person as a result of not following the commands of Allaah The Almighty. Besides, it could also mean both purity from sins and guard against diseases .

The Prophet, , has said that directing a look at non-Mahram (marriageable) women is like a poisoned arrow.

This means that it is very dangerous and could lead to widespread Fitnah (trial).

From the scientific and physiological point of view, the act of looking or gazing upon non-Mahram women sets off a complex process of hormonal stimulation and release, and prepares the body and the sex organs for the process of sexual intercourse.

It is well known that the effects of stimulating sexual desire through unnatural or prohibited means has numerous harmful effects on the mind and body.

Islam has warned us against unlawfully stimulating these hormones through the words of the Prophet, . The chief Islamic injunctions in this regard are:

• To lower one's gaze and not look upon non-Mahram women.

• Women should not display their beauty in front of non-Mahram men or wear perfume when they go outdoors.

• Non-Mahram men and women are prohibited from staying in the same room together in seclusion or coming in close contact.

• Early marriage is recommended for both men and women if they can afford it.

• Fasting is a means to control one's illegitimate desires if one cannot afford marriage.

• Women should not refuse when their husband asks for conjugal relations, because this mean that the sex hormones that trigger physiological responses will continue circulating in his body and may cause harm.

• To wash oneself after an conjugal relations, as this has a calming effect on the body.

Harmful effects of unlawful sexual stimulation

The drawbacks mentioned here are based on observation and experience :

Effects on the Skin

• Increased body odor and increased secretion from the sweat glands -- especially from the feet, axilla and palms.

• Increased secretion from the ano-rectal gland where special sweat glands called sudoriferous glands are located. This area is also the site of frequent inflammation and the formation of abscesses, since these glands are active in early puberty. In some animals, these glands secrete odoriferous substances during the mating season.

• Inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the face causes acne which is caused by infection of the skin by bacteria.

• The sweat glands around the anus are also affected resulting in their inflammation and the formation of peri-anal abscesses.

Effect on the Central Nervous System:

• Sex hormones causes lethargy and unexplained heaviness in the head or headaches.

• There may be heaviness or burning sensation in the peripheral nerves especially in the palms and feet and the tongue may feel dry and difficult to move inside the mouth. This condition is called peripheral neuropathy.

Effect on the joints:

Certain hormones affect the synovial fluid in the joints -- especially large joints like the knee and hip joint affecting joint movement. This could result from two factors:

• A change in the viscosity of the synovial fluid in these joints which reduces the articular cartilage nourishment and increases friction.

• The second is the increased tightness of the surrounding ligaments which lead to an increase in joint friction.

If the joints are already affected by mild osteoarthritis the effect on these result in a pseudogout syndrome. In young girls they cause what is called anterior knee pain disease.

Effect on the cardiovascular system (CVS):

1- They slow the heart rate due to their effect on the SA nodes directly.

2- They cause dilatation of the peripheral veins.

3- The bleeding time in the presence of these hormones is also longer than the normal.

4- These hormones cause dilatation of the large and coronary arteries, at the same time cause constriction of the peripheral arteries resulting in the elevation of blood pressure.

The combination of these three factors (slow heart rate, venous dilatation, and altered bleeding/coagulation time) may result in conditions like deep vein thrombosis and Raynaud's phenomenon.

Effect on the Gastrointestinal System:

Impaired circulation leads to conditions like constipation, anal fissure, haemmorhoids and colonicdiverticular disease

The prostate is one of the organs, which is stimulated by these hormones and due to this constant stimulation it starts showing symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy.

Effect on Soft Tissue:

In certain conditions, the circulation of these hormones leading to thickening of the soft tissue and loss of tissue elasticity causing conditions like the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

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Many of the misconceptions rose against Islamic legislation claim that it is inadequate for the modern age. For example, they claim that the verse "And divorced women shall await by themselves for three periods"

(Al Bakara 228)

is no longer applicable as medical analysis can easily tell if a woman is pregnant or not. So, for them, there is no need to wait three periods to be sure.

Latest studies refuted this misconception discovering that semen contains 62 types of proteins, and those proteins formula changes from man to man. So every man leaves some kind of protein print into his wife's womb. If a woman marries directly after divorce, she might get uterine cancer as a result of the existence of more than one protein print in the womb. Studies also showed that the first menstruation after divorce eliminates 32% to 35% of that print, the second menstruation eliminates up to the range from 67% to 72% and the third eliminates up to 99.9% and only then a womb gets ready to receive a new protein print.

Considering widows, Almighty Allah says: " And the ones of you who are taken up, (i.e., those who die) and leave behind (them) spouses, (the spouses) (i.e., the widows. The following verb is in the feminine plural) shall await by themselves for four months and ten (days)" (Al Bakara 234). Studies conclude that a widow's grief and depression makes the print more stuck to her womb and so she needs one more period to be completely eliminated just as Allah said.

In conclusion, all what we should do is to glorify Allah and reason the verse " And in your selves; do you then not behold?" (Ath-Tharyat 21)

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become widespread and publicly known in certain people without them being overtaken by plague and disease that never happened to their ancestors who came before them
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Never does sexual perversion become widespread and publicly known in certain people without them being overtaken by plague and disease that never happened to their ancestors who came before them.”(Reported by Ibn Majah.) He (peace be upon him) also said: “Whenever adultery becomes a widespread phenomena among certain people, death will spread among them.”(Reported by Malik.)
The Scientific Fact:
Modern science has shown us through the works of microbiologists during the last two centuries that there are certain bacteria, microbes, and viruses that are only transmitted through having sex in a perverted way like multiple relationships between men and women, sex between men and men (sodomy), and between women and women (lesbianism). The more such forms of perversion become rampant, the more plagues and diseases hit the society since these microbes become resistant to treatment. Moreover, the human body will fail to combat them due to its weak immunity and the change of the properties of such organisms.
Facets of Scientific Inimitability:

The hadith of the Prophet (peace) tells us about a social law that will inevitably happen when certain things occur. The beginning is the spread of prohibited sexual relations including adultery and homosexuality in the society. When such relations become normal and accepted, this will lead to a state of almost common consent concerning them. This is what is referred to in the words: Never does sexual perversion become widespread and publicly known in certain people...

This law has taken effect in many Western societies where people have accepted adultery and homosexuality and even propagated them. In his book Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Dr. Schofield wrote that permissiveness has become the reaction of society in the face of all sexual practices. People are no longer ashamed of adultery, homosexuality, or any other sexual perversion. What adds insult to injury is that the mass media has inculcated in the minds of people that young men and women should not remain chaste. Chastity has become a shame in Western societies. Sexual permissiveness is propagated and supported everywhere in the media.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, gays are now acting publicly and have their own clubs, bars, parks, beaches, swimming pools, and even restrooms.

Hundreds of articles, books, plays, novels, and movies praising prostitution and homosexuality can be found everywhere. Some Western churches have even accepted homosexuality and adultery and priests are now conducting gay marriages in some churches. Many societies have been established to cherish and defend gay rights. This is the beginning, what about the outcome?

Many sexual plagues have appeared and many diseases have overwhelmed societies around the world. Since its appearance in 1494, the plague of syphilis has taken the lives of millions of people and destroyed the future of many others. The virus causing this disease is still changing itself and attacking people from time to time. Gonorrhea is on top of the list of infectious sexual diseases. Being the most widespread sexual disease, it terrifies millions of people and leaves them infertile. These diseases strike those who divert from the teachings of Allah and go their own perverted way. Recently, people started to hear about AIDS which destroys the immunity system and thus bodily organs fall, one after another, after causing horrible pain to the person. This is exactly what the Prophet (peace be upon him) told us a long time ago. Is this not additional evidence that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the true Messenger of Allah?

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Torah and the Gospel

Punishment For Adultery

Leviticus 20:10 ESV / 16 helpful votes

“If a man commits adultery with the wife of his neighbor, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

John 8:3-11 ESV / 14 helpful votes

The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery, and placing her in the midst they said to him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery. Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. So what do you say?” This they said to test him, that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” ...

1 John 3:15 ESV / 8 helpful votes

“If a man is found lying with the wife of another man, both of them shall die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman. So you shall purge the evil from Israel.

Leviticus 20:13 ESV / 8 helpful votes

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

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Recent studies confirm that porno scenes have destructive consequences on human’s psychological health also it has bad effects on people’s social status,

Debate over the issue of pornography often starts with the assumption that it is harmful. In fact the US Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, the Surgeon General's workshop on Pornography, Public Health and many academic researchesdetermined that pornography is harmful.

Sex issues are in chatting rooms

In a new study, American researchers believe that growing numbers of married people are turning to internet chat rooms for sexual thrills.

Most spouses who got involved with the opposite sex over the internet did not think they were doing anything wrong, said the report by a University of Florida researcher.But partners felt betrayed even though in most cases no physical contact had taken place.

"The internet will soon become the most common form of infidelity, if it isn't already," said Beatriz Mileham, from the University of Florida, who carried out the new study.

According to counseling groups in the US, Chat rooms are today the fastest rising cause of relationship breakdowns.

“The problem would get worse as the number of people online continued to rise” said MsMileham.

Researchers found that most people ventured into the chat rooms because of boredom, a partner's lack of sexual interest, or a desire for variety and fun.

The study found that what often started out as just friendly chat turned into something much more serious.

"We are hearing from therapists around the country reporting online sexual activity to be a major cause of marital problems," said Al Cooper, author of the book, Sex and the Internet: A Guidebook for Clinicians.

"We need to better understand the contributing factors if we are going to be able to warn people about the slippery slope that starts with online flirting and too often ends in divorce. “Added AL cooper.

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A new research confirmed that percentage of unmarried western mothers is increasing and also the number of illegitimate children, let us read ....

The phenomenon of sons of adultery is a clear sign that day or resurrection is near.

A new American study

40% of the American mothers are unmarried as they got their babies out of the legitimate society; a new American study had published that report. These numbers are unprecedented in the history of the United States as the report indicated that the fertility of teenagers had increased between 2005 and 2007 after years of sharp decrease.

Researchers believe that the reason behind this phenomenon is the decrease in the governmental expenditure on Sex education programs in schools because these programs were keen to persuade teenagers to postpone practicing sex till marriage without any kind of concentration on the way of practicing a safe sex!!

According to that study, 22 girls of every 1000 girl are between 15 & 17 years old are mothers and 74 girls of every 1000 girl are between 18 & 19 years old are also unmarried mothers.

"This is a new phenomenon" said Sara brawn the executive manager of teenagers and youth protection program; also she added that the reason could be the lack of learning programs in schools.

"Boys believe that they didn't cause any pregnancy to any girl before, so that they persuade girls to go in sexual relations with them" said Sara.

Wonderful prophetic sign

The published figures are an approximate numbers but the real numbers are more than that. We can only find this phenomenon in great countries like America and in many liberal countries like Sweden.

prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) told us 1433 years ago about that phenomenon when he told his companions about a future event that will happen and will be a sign for the imminence of day of resurrection. He said: (before day of resurrection, numbers of Adultery sons will increase and people at that time will see men practicing sexual relations with women

in the streets) {narrated by Alhakem-ALtabarani} glory to Allah!! Who told prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) 1400 years ago about a future event and the amazing thing is that nowadays all of us are seeing that event happening. Indeed Allah almighty is the one who supported His messenger by this information as a proof that the message of Islam is sincere,

Allah says: (Say (O Muhammad): "O mankind! Verily, I am sent to you all as the Messenger of Allah - to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Lâ ilâha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He). It is He who gives life and causes death. So believe in Allah and His Messenger

(Muhammad) , the Prophet who can neither read nor write (ie Muhammad), who believes in Allah and His Words [(this Qur'an), the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and also Allah's Word: "Be!" - And he was, ie 'Îsâ (Jesus) son of Maryam (Mary)], and follow him so that you may be guided ") (Sûrat Al-A'râf-verse 158).

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Satan, the devil is proud and cast out by Allah because he is jealous of Adam, disobeyed Allah, and became avowed enemy of Mankind. He has the power to disturb man from the front, behind, by the sides and can enter the body, whisper evil in Man's heart as approved by Allah. Satan, the devil's job is to mislead man to hell. It is easy for Satan to mislead non-muslims to worship other than Allah but not true Muslims. Satan will destroy Muslims by using many tactics but especially by 1. Jealousy and 2. Greediness . Satan was punished because of jealousy and Adam was punished because of greed. Satan certainly will try to persuade muslims at the time of death when a person is in semi conscious state to say that there are other gods than Allah. If Satan succeeds the soul of Muslim or non Muslim will go out from the body at the time of death without faith and that soul will enter hell.

Muslims therefore practice and profess "there is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" it must be said by mouth and believed in the heart all the time and practiced all the time to make it habitual during sleep or while awake or in shock or distress. Allah has provided a way for mankind to drive away Satan meaning "I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast, In the name of Allah , The Most Gracious , The Most Merciful". Whenever a Muslim starts to do anything e.g. eat, drink, sleep, travel, switch on the computer, open the book to read or write, enter bath room , twilight , travel, enter into vehicle, sleep with his wife, gets up from sleep, he recites this verse to drive away Satan.

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Sexual desire is something that has been created in man and it cannot be got rid of. Getting rid of it is not something that is required of the Muslim; rather what is required of him is to refrain from using it in haraam ways, and to use it in the ways that Allaah has permitted.
The problem of desire in a young woman may be solved by taking two steps.

The first step is to reduce and weaken the things that may provoke desire in a person. This may be achieved in a number of ways, including the following:
1 – Lowering the gaze and refraining from looking at that which Allaah has forbidden. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts)”
[al-Noor 24:31]

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not follow one glance with another, for the first is allowed but not the second.” There are many sources of haraam looking, such as looking directly at young men and thinking about their attractive looks, or looking at pictures in magazines and movies.
2 – Avoiding reading stories and novels which focus on the sexual aspect, and avoiding reading internet websites which deal with such topics.
3 – Keeping away from bad company.
4 – Avoiding thinking about desire as much as possible. Thinking in and of itself is not haraam, but if one thinks about it for too long, that may lead a person to haraam actions.
5 – Spending one's time in useful pursuits, because spare time may lead one to fall into haraam things.
6 – Avoiding as much as possible going to public places where young men and women mix.
7 – If a girl is tested with studying in a mixed environment, and cannot find any alternative, she has to remain modest, serious and dignified, and should avoid sitting with young men and speaking to them as much as possible. She should restrict her relationships to friendships with righteous female classmates.

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The second step is:
To strengthen the factors that will prevent one acting in accordance with one’s desires. This is achieved in a number of ways, including the following:
1 – Strengthening the faith in one’s heart and strengthening one’s relationship with Allaah. This may be achieved by remembering Allaah a great deal, reading Qur’aan, thinking of the names and attributes of Allaah, and doing a lot of naafil prayers. Belief strengthens the heart and soul, and it helps one to resist temptation.

2 – Fasting, as taught by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) when he said: “O young men, whoever among you can afford to, let him get married, for it is more effective in lowering the gaze and in guarding one’s chastity. Whoever cannot afford it, then let him fast, for it will be a shield for him.” This is addressed to young men, but it also includes young women.

3 – Strengthening one’s resolve and willpower, for this will make a young woman able to resist and control her desires.

4 – Remembering what Allaah has prepared for righteous young women. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Verily, the Muslims (those who submit to Allaah in Islam) men and women, the believers men and women (who believe in Islamic Monotheism), the men and the women who are obedient (to Allaah), the men and women who are truthful (in their speech and deeds), the men and the women who are patient (in performing all the duties which Allaah has ordered

and in abstaining from all that Allaah has forbidden), the men and the women who are humble (before their Lord Allaah), the men and the women who give Sadaqaat (i.e. Zakaah and alms), the men and the women who observe Sawm (fast) (the obligatory fasting during the month of Ramadaan, and the optional Nawafil fasting), the men and the women who guard their chastity (from illegal sexual acts) and the men and the women who remember Allaah much with their hearts and tongues. Allaah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward (i.e. Paradise)”
[al-Ahzaab 33:35]

5 – Thinking about the lives of righteous women who guarded their chastity, such as Maryam, whom Allaah praises in the Qur’aan (interpretation of the meaning):
“And Maryam (Mary), the daughter of ‘Imraan who guarded her chastity. And We breathed into (the sleeve of her shirt or her garment) through Our Rooh [i.e. Jibreel (Gabriel)], and she testified to the truth of the Words of her Lord [i.e. believed in the Words of Allaah: “Be!” and he was; that is ‘Eesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary) as a Messenger of Allaah], and (also believed in) His Scriptures, and she was of the Qaanitoon (i.e. obedient to Allaah)”
[al-Tahreem 66:12]
And thinking about the immoral, fallen women, and comparing between the two types, for there is a huge difference between them.

6 – Choosing righteous companions and spending time with them, so that they can help one another to obey and worship Allaah.

7 – Comparing the effects of immediate fulfillment of desire when a girl responds to haraam, which is followed by loss of pleasure and all that is left is regret and sorrow, with patience and striving against one’s whims and desires, and realizing that the pleasure of conquering one’s whim and desires is far greater than the pleasures of enjoying haraam things.

8 – Seeking help by calling upon Allaah and asking Him for help. The Qur’aan tells us the lesson to be learned from the story of Yoosuf (peace be upon him):
“He said: ‘O my Lord! Prison is dearer to me than that to which they invite me. Unless You turn away their plot from me, I will feel inclined towards them and be one (of those who commit sin and deserve blame or those who do deeds) of the ignorant’
So his Lord answered his invocation and turned away from him their plot. Verily, He is the All Hearer, the All Knower”
[Yoosuf 12:33 – interpretation of the meaning]

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Someone told me

Victims of mixing… True story

woman over the age of 40, tells her story.

I lived a life of modest means with my husband. There was never any closeness and harmony, and my husband did not have the kind of strong personality that a woman would hope for, but his good nature made me overlook the fact that I was the one who was responsible for most of the decision making in the family.

My husband often used to mention the name of his friend and business partner, and he would talk about him in my presence, and I often used to meet with him in his office which was originally part of our apartment. This went on for many years, until circumstances led to us exchanging visits with this person and his family. These family visits were repeated and because of his close friendship with my husband, we did not notice how the number of visits increased and how many hours a single visit would last. He often used to come on his own to sit with us, me and my husband, for long visits. My husband’s trust in him knew no bounds, and as days passed I got to know this person very well, and saw how wonderful and decent he was. I began to feel a strong attraction towards this man, and at the same time I began to sense that the feeling was mutual.

Things took a strange turn after that, when I realized that this man was the kind of person I had always dreamed about. Why had he come along now, after all these years? The more this man’s status increased in my eyes, the more my husband’s status diminished. It was as if I had needed to see the beauty of his character in order to discover how ugly my husband’s character was.

The matter between this person and myself did not go beyond these persistent thoughts which were occupying my mind night and day. Neither he nor I ever voiced what we felt in our hearts… until today. Yet despite that my life is over and my husband is little more than a weak man with no self-esteem. I hate him and I do not know how all this hatred towards him started to boil over. I wonder how I put up with him all these years, bearing all these burdens by myself, facing life’s problems on my own.

Things got so bad that I asked him for a divorce, and he divorced me at my request. After that he became a broken man. Even worse than that is that after my marriage was wrecked and my children and husband were devastated, problems arose in this man's family. His wife, with her feminine intuition, realized what had been going on in his heart of hearts, and his life became hell. She was overwhelmed with jealousy to the extent that one night she left her house at 2 a.m. and came to attack my house, screaming, weeping and hurling accusations. His marriage was also about to collapse.

I admit that the lovely gatherings which we used to enjoy gave us the opportunity to get to know one another at a time that was not appropriate at this stage in our lives.

His marriage has been wrecked and so has mine. I have lost everything, and now I know that my circumstances and his will not permit us to take any positive step towards coming together. Now I am more miserable than I have ever been, and I am looking for illusionary happiness and lost hopes.

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Is love before marriage better?

What is more stable in Islam, a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
Praise be to Allaah.

The issue of this marriage depends on the ruling on what came before it. If the love between the two parties did not transgress the limits set by Allaah or make them commit sin, then there is the hope that the marriage which results from this love will be more stable, because it came about as the result of the fact that each of them wanted to marry the other.

If a man feels some attraction towards a woman whom it is permissible for him to marry her, and vice versa, there is no answer to the problem except marriage. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 1847; classed as saheeh by al-Busayri and by Shaykh al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 624)

Al-Sindi said, as noted in Haamish Sunan Ibn Maajah:

The phrase “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage” may be understood to refer to two or to more than two. What this means is that if there is love between two people, that love cannot be increased or made to last longer by anything like marriage. If there is marriage as well as that love, that love will increase and grow stronger every day.”

But if that marriage comes about as a result of an illicit love relationship, such as when they meet and are alone together and kiss one another, and other haraam actions, then it will never be stable, because they committed actions that go against sharee’ah and because they have built their lives on things that will have the effect of reducing blessings and support from Allaah, for sin is a major factor in reducing blessings, even though some people think, because of the Shaytaan’s whispers, that falling in love and doing haraam deeds makes marriage stronger.

Moreover, these illicit relationships that take place before marriage will be a cause to make each party doubtful about the other. The husband will think that his wife may possibly have a similar relationship with someone else, and even if he thinks it unlikely, he will still be troubled by the fact that his wife did do something wrong with him. And the same thoughts may occur to the wife too, and she will think that her husband could possibly have an affair with another woman, and even if she thinks it unlikely, she will still be troubled by the fact that her husband did something wrong with her.

So each partner will live in a state of doubt and suspicion, which will ruin their relationship sooner or later.

The husband may condemn his wife for having agreed to have a relationship with him before marriage, which will be upsetting for her, and this will cause their relationship to deteriorate.

Hence we think that if a marriage is based upon an illicit premarital relationship, it will most likely be unstable and will not be successful.

With regard to arranged marriages where the family chooses the partner, they are not all good and not all bad. If the family makes a good choice and the woman is religious and beautiful, and the husband likes her and wants to marry her, then there is the hope that their marriage will be stable and successful. Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) urged the one who wants to get married to look at the woman. It was narrated from al-Mugheerah ibn Shu’bah that he proposed marriage to a woman, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Go and look at her, because that is more likely to create love between you.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 1087; classed as hasan by al-Nasaa’i, 3235)

But if the family make a bad choice, or they make a good choice but the husband does not agree with it, then this marriage is most likely doomed to failure and instability, because the marriage that is based on lack of interest usually is not stable.

And Allaah knows best.

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someone told me

Some Islamophobes on this forum (and elsewhere) say Islam is suppressive towards women. Yet, it has been conclusively proven that 70% of all new converts to Islam both in the USA and in Europe are women. This would be indicative that it is not suppressive but highly solicitous of women.

What do you say to those critics who insist that Islam suppresses women in light of that fact?

If I read you correctly, you are saying that Islam provides spiritual comforts and dimensions that other religions/teachings do not. That it is more than religious teaching but includes lifestyle alteration and attitudes which is what appeals to women.

One things for sure, Islam's critics have no answer for why so many women convert to it despite all the allegations that it is a contrarian religion.

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Statistics has reported that juvenile crime has a very important reason is illegal mixing between the sexes. Also proved that mixing between the sexes in an exaggerated manner may cause a lot of distractions, crime and psychological problems. It may be one of the worst results of mixing rape. Enough that we know that in the United States have been raped (19) million women!! In Germany are recording (35) tho A rape every year!

In America are born each year a million children from crimes of adultery and rape, by contrast, is number of abortions more than one million process and every year. And there are a lot of bad results on both sexes as a result of the legalization of illegally mixing raises emotions and instincts delve man to the swamps of vice.

From the scientific and physiological point of view, the act of looking or gazing upon non-Mahram women sets off a complex process of hormonal stimulation and release, and prepares the body and the sex organs for the process of sexual intercourse.
o It is well known that the effects of stimulating sexual desire through unnatural or prohibited means has numerous harmful effects on the mind and body.
o Islam has warned us against unlawfully stimulating these hormones through the words of the Prophet,

Sexual relations, even within a marriage, are subject to the rulings of Sacred Law. Islam is a complete way of life and there is an etiquette for every situation and every relationship.

For a healthy view of marital intimacy, we must consult the Sunna of our Beloved Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, who was the "best of you to his family."

Anal sex is prohibited in clear texts from the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him

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These views and interaction of many members and friends of the non-Muslim


In the nutshell, you must not forget that Islam actually uplifted living standards of women during the dark ages. Also, western concepts of gender equality are not based on Islamic values and norms. So try to understand Islam better instead of complaining about what people are doing in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. People are not expected to be fair in any nation.

For one this wide spread notion that women in Islamic countries have to be necessarily oppressed is an exaggeration and a little too biased Just because anything related to Islam and Muslims invites this uncalled for criticism doesn't mean its really the case. In places women are not granted equal rights but most people discuss the issue for political or religious point scoring which has and will never do any good to any woman anywhere around the world.

Anyway, treatment of women in a society is more of a cultural trait than religious.


The vast majority of young people in the West now
Meets a girl and take her to the room
Without ready for anything
Only satisfy sexual desire

Numbers infected with the disease on the rise

This is also due to the real reasons

Away from the teachings of the prophets and messengers

Jesus didn’t fornicate, and abstained from extramarital contact with women. Now, this issue extends to the least physical contact with the opposite sex. With the exception of performing religious rituals and helping those in need, Jesus never even touched a woman other than his mother. Strictly practicing Orthodox Jews maintain this practice to this day in observance of Old Testament law. Likewise, practicing Muslims don’t even shake hands between the sexes. Can Christian “hug your neighbor” and “kiss the bride” congregations make the same claim?

Looking back, what seems strange to me now is not that people would wish to embody Jesus’ values, but that others would criticize them for it. What seems even stranger is that few Christians, in the modern day, match this profile. is that Muslims seemed to embody Jesus’ values better than Christians.

32. And come not near to the unlawful sexual intercourse. Verily, it is a Fahishah [i.e. anything that transgresses its limits (a great sin)], and an evil way (that leads one to Hell unless Allah forgives him).
17. Surah Al-Isra'

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Please note that you will never be able to live your life without sins and mistakes. This is the nature of man. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Every son of Adam commits sin, and the best of those who commit sin are those who repent.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 2499; Ibn Maajah, 4251; classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi. This hadeeth clearly indicates that man will inevitably commit sin, but what matters after that is what he does about his sin. The believer repents to Allaah from all his sins, gives them up and asks Allaah for forgiveness every time he commits a sin, and he regrets doing it and resolves sincerely not to do it again. If you do that, then understand that Allaah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful; He forgives all sins for the righteous believer who repents sincerely and admits his sin humbly before Allaah. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Say: O ‘Ibaadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allaah, verily, Allaah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful”

[al-Zumar 39:53]

The sin that you have admitted to is not zina with your wife! Rather it is kissing her in front of other people, because there is no zina with one's wife, rather zina is done with a woman whom it is not permissible for a man to touch. But in the case of a wife, it is permissible to touch her.

It is not permissible for a man or a woman to speak to anyone else of what happens between them in bed which no one else should see but them, because of the evils and temptations that result from that and because it opens the door to the shaytaan. This has to do with one who speaks about what he did with his wife, so how about one who does things in front of people where they can see him!

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in his Fataawa that kissing one’s wife in front of people is not permissible.

This is one of the things that go against true manliness or chivalry (muru’ah). It is very cheap and vulgar to do this in front of people, because this is a kind of foreplay with one's wife in front of others. So keep away from doing such things. You can show your love for her in other ways, and when you are alone with her, you can do whatever you like, within reason

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In the end, I reached the following conclusions:

1- Attraction between the sexes can occur in any circumstances, no matter how much men and women may deny that. The attraction may start within the bounds of sharee’ah and end up going beyond those bounds.

Even if a person protects himself (by marriage), he is not safe from the snares of the Shaytaan.

3- Even though a person may be able to guarantee himself and he works with the opposite sex within reasonable limits, he cannot guarantee the feelings of the other party.

Finally, there is nothing good in mixing and it does not bear fruit as they claim. On the contrary, it corrupts sound thinking.

What now?

We may ask, what comes next, after this discussion on the matter of mixing?

It’s about time for us to recognize that no matter how we try to beautify the issue of mixing and take the matter lightly, its consequences are bound to catch up with us, and the harm it causes will have disastrous results for our families. Sound common sense refuses to accept that mixing is a healthy atmosphere for human relations. This is the sound common sense which made most of the people included in this survey (76%) prefer working in a non-mixed environment. The same percentage (76%) said that mixing is not permitted according to the sharee’ah. What makes us sit up and take notice is not this honourable percentage – which indicates the purity of our Islamic society and the cleanness of its members’ hearts – but the small number who said that mixing is permitted; they number 12%. This group, with no exceptions, said that mixing is permitted but within the limits set by religion, custom (‘urf), traditions, good manners, conscience, modesty, covering and other worthy values which, in their opinion, keep mixing within proper limits.

We ask them: is the mixing which we see nowadays in our universities, market-places, work-places and family and social gatherings, taking place within the limits referred to above? Or are these places filled with transgressions in terms of clothing, speech, interactions and behaviour? We see wanton displays of adornment (tabarruj), not proper covering; we see fitnah (temptations) and dubious relationships, with no good manners and no conscience and no covering. We can conclude that the kind of mixing that is happening nowadays is unacceptable even to those who approve of mixing in a clean atmosphere.

It’s about time for us to recognize that mixing provides a fertile breeding-ground for social poisons to invade and take over our society without anyone ever realizing that it is mixing which is the cause. Mixing is the prime element in this silent fitnah, in the shade of which betrayals erupt, homes are wrecked and hearts are broken.

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