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Another shooting mishap on my part. It made the news papers again, much to my chagrin

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North Carolina stalker accidentally shoots part of his face off showing air rifle to transvestite friends

Published November 09,

Police say a North Carolina man accidentally shot off part of his face while showing his air rifle to transvestite friends.

Chief Joseph Massey says Steve Woodward, from Chapel Hill, and his transvestite friends were telling stalking stories for little boys at his home on Wednesday night when Woodward brought in his air rifle to show the others.

Massey says the barrel was under Woodward's chin when it discharged. He says it was an accident.

The chief says responding officers found a chaotic scene, with people screaming and Woodward's chin, teeth and blood on the floor. When police arrived, Woodward was sitting in a chair with his entire face torn off from his nose down, police told The Chapel Hill Daily News.

Massey says perverted sex with Chipmunks was involved.

"It's one of those things where you mix perverted sex and weapons and start to do very unsafe things, and you end up with a tragedy," Massey told the Chapel Hill Daily News.

Woodward's father, Wild Weenie Woodward, tells the Chapel Hill Morning Sentinel his son told him he dropped the rifle and it discharged. But, he's been a lying mother fucking asshole his entire life just like Obama.

Wild Weenie says he son has been stabilized at a Chapel Hill hospital. He can't speak but communicates by using his pencil dick on the computer keyboard.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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Gotta watch what you write....................Huh? Cool Razz 

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